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Selection of Sealife Bathroom Vinyl Sticker Decals

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Add a personal touch to your bathroom with these vinyl sticker decals. 

Choose your preferred colour and add a unique touch to your walls, windows, mirrors, tiles or even your door. 

The silhouette design and adhesive feature make it easy to apply and clean with a damp cloth. 

These wall decals are suitable for anyone, whether you're an adult, teenager, or child. 

The sealife style of the decals adds an interesting feature to any bathroom. 

The sizes of the decals are approximately:

 Crab - 5" wide x 4" high

Jellyfish - 2.5" wide x 5" high

Dolphin - 5" wide x 4" high

Octopus - 4.5" wide x 4" high

Turtle - 5" wide x 3" high

Seahorse - 3" wide x 5" high

Fish - 5" wide x 3.5" high

Shark - 5" wide x 2.5" high

Plus we will include a mix of starfish