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Funny Note Book - Black

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Funny Notebook - An Ideal gift for friends / family / office colleagues etc

PLEASE NOTE- please be aware that some of these are rude before reading further - we have blurred out the naughty wording below but when making your order we will include the full naughty word (no stars) !!!!

The book itself measures 21.5cm high x 13cm wide x 1cm deep.

Inside the pages are ruled / lined making it easy to write whatever you so wish plus the book benefits from an elastic closure, ribbon and pocket on the inside of the back cover (handy for receipts and sticky notes)

The phrase will be made with white vinyl and stuck to your book before posting

Phrase 1: A list of s**t my boss thinks is important

Phrase 2: Algebra, fractions and other s**t I do not need to learn

Phrase 3: All the times I have argued with myself and lost

Phrase 4: Beans on toast and other gourmet recipes

Phrase 5: Boring meetings that should have been an email

Phrase 6: Brilliant ideas I had whilst on the toilet

Phrase 7: Colleagues that just need a good slap

Phrase 8: Colleagues I need to socially distance myself from or slap

Phrase 9: Colleagues I suspect are serial killers

Phrase 10: Cr*p I have to write down because I'm old

Phrase 11: Dreams that were crushed because I had children

Phrase 12: Emails that can get f***ed

Phrase 13: Embarrassing online purchases I made whilst drunk

Phrase 14: Excuses why I won't be at work next Monday

Phrase 15: Fantastic ideas I had whilst drinking wine

Phrase 16: Here's how I know I work with a bunch of idiots

Phrase 17: How to win friends and influence people

Phrase 18: Ideas I had but my boss took the credit for

Phrase 19: Illicit thoughts I really should keep to myself

Phrase 20: Important tasks I don't give a f**k about

Phrase 21: Jobs that he promised to do but never did

Phrase 22: Jumping to conclusions and other sports I'm good at

Phrase 23: List of bodies buried under my patio

Phrase 24: List of things my partner doesn't know about me

Phrase 25: List of all the things my other half was right about

Phrase 26: Lunchtimes, tea breaks and other highlights of my job

Phrase 27: Morons and idiots I really should sack

Phrase 28: My book to doodle in so my boss thinks I'm busy

Phrase 29: My doodle book purely for work meetings

Phrase 30: My current health status according to Google

Phrase 31: My archive of flying f**ks I don't give a f**k about

Phrase 32: My list of colleagues that need to be fired

Phrase 33: My list of places I shouldn't fart

Phrase 34: My most inappropriate thoughts I should seek help for

Phrase 35: My s**t that should remain PRIVATE

Phrase 36: Office gossip and other true facts

Phrase 37: Ongoing list of everything I was right about

Phrase 38: People I know are a waste of f**king time

Phrase 39: People who underestimated me and how it worked out for them

Phrase 40: Promises I have made that I don't intend to fulfil

Phrase 41: Random thoughts at 3.00am

Phrase 42: Reasons why you should never put me on loudspeaker

Phrase 43: Reasons why I should be the f**king boss

Phrase 44: Reasons why I need a new handbag

Phrase 45: Reasons why I would rather be a mermaid

Phrase 46: Reasons why I ended up in Facebook Jail

Phrase 47: Reasons why I shouldn't go out in public

Phrase 48: Revision Notes and Penis drawings

Phrase 49: Rude remarks to make in serious situations

Phrase 50: Running late and other sports I excel at

Phrase 51: S**t I need to stop saying according to HR

Phrase 52: S**t I do not need to explain to grown ups

Phrase 53: Social media mishaps whilst under the influence

Phrase 54: Swear words not known to the world yet

Phrase 55: Teddy Bears and other things that can get stuffed

Phrase 56: Team players and arse lickers I hate working with

Phrase 57: The National Anthem and other tunes I can fart along to

Phrase 58: Things I would like to say to my teacher but shouldn't

Phrase 59: Things I'd really like to say to my in-laws

Phrase 60: Useless cr*p I'll buy when I'm rich as f**k

Phrase 61: Websites I should really unsubscribe from

Phrase 62: Weekdays and other things I love now I'm retired

Phrase 63: Why day drinking is becoming more frequent

Phrase 64: World domination plans I should share with my therapist

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